G.B Bistro is a reputable chain of boutique bistro that serves wholesome selection of mouth-watering comfort food, delightful desserts and beverages. 
Formerly known as Gelato Bar, it was started in 2003 as a modest café in Darmawangsa Square and was considered a pioneer of restaurants that specialized in desserts. At the time, there was no such market and Gelato Bar created the niche. What started as a new concept quickly gained a steady reputation in the industry and since then, our food menu has evolved to include more and more gourmet delights - prepared using the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

At G.B, our philosophy is simple and honest . . . that is to provide our guests with delicious food, drinks and friendly service in our stylish, warm and cozy ambiance. We strive to deliver an enjoyable quality dining experience every time.
Join us for brunches, business or friendly lunches, lazy afternoon teas, romantic dinner dates and unforgettable celebrations at G.B Bistro. In fact, GB Bistro is the perfect place to have good dining experience with friends and family at all time!

In 2014, GB Bistro engaged its very first brand ambassador, Mr Edward Gunawan (actor/director/film producer). Mr Edward Gunawan was chosen to represent GB Bistro as a brand that is savy, dynamic, friendly and always professional.

We welcome feedback of all kinds
You can call us or whatapps on:
  • 0838 1600 7200
  • 25582AEB
  • info@gbbistro.com


  • Darmawangsa Square

    Ground Floor #36-37
    Ph: [061] 7278 8310

    EVERYDAY - 10AM to 10PM

  • Senayan City

    Lower Ground #L-18
    Ph: [061] 7278 1245

    EVERYDAY - 10AM to 10PM


  • Centre Point

    Lower Ground #29
    Ph: [061] 8051 0120

    EVERYDAY - 10AM to 10PM

  • Pattimura

    Jl Pattimura No.66
    Ph: [061] 453 3166

    SUN-THU - 10AM to 10PM
    FRI-SAT - 10AM to 12AM